Searching for People Using Wink.Com

There are many ways to find people out there, but the free ones are always my favorite. Recently, I tried and at first thought it was just another search engine. But when I started to look at it in more depth, I realized that this site lets you find people by not only their name and location, but by their personal interests, groups they belong to, school they attended, and their career! With all the social media sites out there, more and more data is available on people and what they like to do, what they specialize in and where they are located. Wink searches those profiles and let’s you pull them together all in one place. They claim to search over 200 million on line profiles. Wink also has an option for a person to claim their profile and fill it in. It is recommended any small business owner create these profiles because you want to own the information out on line about you (see page 1 on Social Media). Wink is getting smart by offering tools that plug into other applications like Google, browsers (Firefox and Internet Explorer 7 only at this point), and ways to promote yourself. This one is definitely worth trying!

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