Appearance on Executive Courage

Was so pleased to be a guest on Mitch Ellis’ radio show, “Executive Courage”.  Want to learn about The Pedestal Group? Here’s what Mitch wanted to know!  Executive Courage Interview

Disaster Planning – Not Just Catastrophic Planning

I broke my phone. Not just, “oh – its a little damaged”. I mean dead. Nothing. Can’t use. It was awful. The insurance helped a lot as it was less than a third of the price to replace it, but it took two days to arrive. So here’s what I’ve learned in that time. Being able to check email and get phone calls while out of the office means I don’t have to stay in one place. That is a big deal when you are a solopreneur. Not having that flexibility really cut into my ability to manage my business. Not having my calendar the way I’m used to was tough, but not as bad as I thought. I was able to print my calendar and update when I got back to the office so that was manageable. The loss of texting was AWFUL. I […] Continue reading

Time for Marketing

Many of my clients claim they do not have time for marketing. They market when things get slow. The problem with that is it causes big hills and valleys in their cash flow and work volume.  When I started my company, I promised I would always market and would never have to tell those guys I worked with before I opened, “I didn’t have time”. How do I do it? First, I schedule marketing time every week. It is on my calendar before anything else. It can move, and usually does; but at the end of the week I had the full number of marketing hours scheduled as when I started. I have “those” weeks the same as anyone else. If I see my week filling up, I schedule meals with potential centers of influence or referral sources. Often just getting in front of a referral […] Continue reading

What people are saying about us

We are an independently owned franchise office of Sanford Rose Associates. Kathy worked at our franchisor’s office as Senior Director of Operations. Our franchisor moved his office from Ohio to Georgia, so Kathy started The Pedestal Group since she has family in Ohio and wanted to stay there. Kathy is so highly respected by the independent office owners that we implored her to move with the company, but it was not to be.

I have also had the opportunity to use her services at The Pedestal Group. Our firm’s presence on the internet was nebulous, at best. We had moved our franchise office and had also changed our franchise name and contact information. A few days after Kathy fixed our online information, I was contacted by a hiring manager who had worked with me 9 years ago when we were operating out of our former office location.

It is very difficult for me to choose three out of the seven LinkedIn choices provided that best describe Kathy’s services. She is everything mentioned and more. I cannot say enough good things about her. – Edie Felker, Owner, Sanford Rose Associates – Del Mar

Kathy is the best “techie” I have ever worked with. While technically strong, she recognizes that supporting internal and external customers is key to everyone’s success. Kathy uses technology as a tool to help individuals and teams achieve their goals as well as enhancing the image of the company. Her business sense is exceptional and if we could bottle her enthusiasm it would fly off the shelves. If not for geographic constraints, I would have Kathy on my team today. – Doug Rogers, Executive Search Consultant, The Lucas Group