Giving Constructive Feedback

The joke around here is our slogan is, “we put our clients where they belong” and that goes both to be on the pedestal, and to be wherever else you need. It is honest feedback that many of my clients are looking for and appreciate. But there is a key element of putting someone somewhere other than on a pedestal that everyone should understand.  There is a difference between the person and their behavior.  Behavior should be on purpose.  If a person does something without thinking, that can be changed.  But the fundamental person really should not be messed with as they are who they are and if they want to change, that has to come from within. I mention this because recently I had someone want to give a friend some constructive criticism.  In his effort to couch the “bad news” appropriately, he all […] Continue reading

Staying Positive

Everyone talks about staying positive and having a positive attitude, but what happens when that gets hard? Clients are extremely demanding, committees are tough to manage, and people say careless things that while you don’t want to notice, get stuck in your head. When that happens, it can be tough to stay on the positive side of things.  What can you do? If someone says something hurtful or unkind to me or about me, I generally try to think of someone who deserves something positive and send them a note. It sounds very pollyanna when I type it here, but it is true. Sending a person I work with on a committee a note telling her how much I enjoy her attitude and how well she gets things done, or telling a client how impressed I am with his ability to move in multiple circles […] Continue reading

Two of My Favorite Things

Recently I’ve had a few people ask my “favorite” this and my “favorite” that and it got me thinking. I have a few random favorites that would be fun to share! Excel Function – VLOOKUP I can’t tell you how many times I have been confronted with needing data in one spreadsheet to have a field or 6 from another. And they are never 10 records – always several thousand. That’s where VLOOKUP comes in. You tell it to match a field from one sheet to another, and when it finds a match, bring over additional data. AWESOME! So how do you use it? Here’s an example: A client exported a list of customers from their contact management system, added a bunch of information and then realized they forgot the company name. Email is a unique identifier so we were able to run a VLOOKUP […] Continue reading

What people are saying about us

We are an independently owned franchise office of Sanford Rose Associates. Kathy worked at our franchisor’s office as Senior Director of Operations. Our franchisor moved his office from Ohio to Georgia, so Kathy started The Pedestal Group since she has family in Ohio and wanted to stay there. Kathy is so highly respected by the independent office owners that we implored her to move with the company, but it was not to be.

I have also had the opportunity to use her services at The Pedestal Group. Our firm’s presence on the internet was nebulous, at best. We had moved our franchise office and had also changed our franchise name and contact information. A few days after Kathy fixed our online information, I was contacted by a hiring manager who had worked with me 9 years ago when we were operating out of our former office location.

It is very difficult for me to choose three out of the seven LinkedIn choices provided that best describe Kathy’s services. She is everything mentioned and more. I cannot say enough good things about her. – Edie Felker, Owner, Sanford Rose Associates – Del Mar

Kathy is the best “techie” I have ever worked with. While technically strong, she recognizes that supporting internal and external customers is key to everyone’s success. Kathy uses technology as a tool to help individuals and teams achieve their goals as well as enhancing the image of the company. Her business sense is exceptional and if we could bottle her enthusiasm it would fly off the shelves. If not for geographic constraints, I would have Kathy on my team today. – Doug Rogers, Executive Search Consultant, The Lucas Group